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CSA Education Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short questionnaire, which will be used to support the independent evaluation of the Ceramic Skills Academy Project (The Project) by Wider Impact Consultancy.

Job Title
Phone Number

Section 1 – Project Justification (1 low, 5 high, 0 – no views)

To what extent has the Project been justified?

By commissioning a Foundation Degree in Ceramics
By the industry-led design of an Apprenticeship Framework
By the creation and delivery of a website to act as an information hub
By establishing wider links to the Ceramic Sector
By greater collective working together for the benefit of the Ceramic Sector and key partners
Through student engagement, and knowledge building of the Ceramic Sector
Through the creation of a Ceramics Career Pathway
Through the creation of work placements
Other benefits (please indicate)

Section 2 – Your Involvement in the Project (1 low, 5 high, 0 – no views)

The Project has provided support to this organisation
I / we are aware of the Project and its aims
I / we are aware of how the Project can support this organisation
I / we have provided support to the Project (Please tick as appropriate)
(If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above question, please describe support provided)

Section 3 – About the Project (1 low, 5 high, 0 – no views)

The Project is justified in terms of meeting our employment linked aims and objectives
The Project has been delivered at the right time
Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce are the appropriate agency to deliver the Project
Other views (Please specify)

Section 4 Project Delivery (1 low, 5 high, 0 – no views)

Project staff are accessible and easy to contact
I / we have been kept up to date with Project developments and achievements
Please indicate the key areas where support has been provide to your organisation (Tick all that apply):

Other areas (Please specify)

Section 5 Opportunities for Improvement

(If appropriate) Please list up to 3 areas where the Project could be improved:

Section 6 Sustainability (1 low, 5 high, 0 – no views)

Project aims should continue into the future
Other views

Please contact Edwin Lewis, Director, Wider Impact Consultancy, at if you require more information about this survey, or if you would like to contribute more information to support findings.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis