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Interactive Reporting

Endorsed by Advantage West Midlands and featured in a key ‘best practice’ report to the European Commission, ‘Interactive Reporting’ is an innovative multi-media reporting tool for use by private, public and voluntary sector organisations to deliver innovative, cost effective and carbon friendly reports and documents to worldwide audiences.

Building on our high quality ‘hard copy’ evaluation reports, our interactive reports’ are web based ‘page turning’ reports that contains high quality video reports featuring key elements of your work.

These can include visual examples of physical achievements and most significantly opportunities for beneficiaries, clients, stakeholders, key staff and you to ‘have a say’ about what is good about your work and what has been achieved.

‘Interactive Reporting’ is providing our clients with an innovative business tool that enables:

  • Interaction with customers and clients
  • Innovative multi-media reports
  • Eye-catching access to worldwide audiences
  • Influencing of funders and investors
  • Guaranteed cost savings in report production
  • Reduced carbon footprints

Examples of what we can do

We value and understand our clients’ needs and are delighted to highlight examples of how they are using ‘Interactive Reporting’ to meet today’s demands. Click on the image below for a live demonstration.

Interactive Reporting for Groundwork Wigan

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis