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About Wider Impact

Founded at Staffordshire University, Wider Impact Consultancy has been operating as an independent company for over 12 years.

Centrally based in the Midlands, we are accessible to clients throughout the United Kingdom, and have built an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients from large and not so large organisations.

The company is ‘led from the front’ by myself, and I never hesitate to utilise over 30 years of achievements and success within public, private and voluntary sectors to meet our clients’ needs. Details of my background and successes can be found by accessing Linkedin.

As founder of Wider Impact Consultancy and Company Director, I recognise that clients value the skills and experience I personally bring to the table. It is therefore company policy that I lead on all commissions, ensuring high quality work and consistent high levels of customer satisfaction.

Understanding the value of the ‘partnership approach’, on a ‘needs must’ basis, I utilise a pool of highly skilled and experienced Associate Consultants and specialist companies to assist me in the delivery of commissions. Use of this business model ensures:

  • Clients benefit from a wide range of skills, experience and expertise
  • Overhead costs to Wider Impact Consultancy and our clients remain low, as we avoid the need to retain expensive resources

Meeting clients’ needs and expectations is extremely important to Wider Impact Consultancy, and I take pride in delivering exactly what clients are looking for. We have found this includes:

  • Fair pricing
  • Enjoyable, professional relationships
  • Innovation
  • High quality work

Satisfied clients tell me the benefits I’ve brought to commissions include:

  • Excellent communication skills – a ‘listener’, facilitator, empathy, energy, enthusiasm, motivational; used to ‘get the best’ out of beneficiaries, community members, project staff, managing agents and stake holders / partner agency members
  • Vast experience of how multi-agency partnerships really work
  • A natural ability to get to heart of issues and challenges; often achieved by meeting and communicating face to face at the ‘coal face’ with clients / local community members / representatives and key stakeholders / partner agency members
  • Honest, direct, truthful, ethical and trustworthy – able to say ‘what needs to be heard by those that matter’
  • Independence, with an ability to bring a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to the table
  • ‘Business acumen’, and experience to make informed judgments, based on facts and evidence
  • Concise, factual, fresh and innovative reports that develop and improve the service and delivery of our clients
  • An ability to influence and change policies and strategies at local regional and national levels

No commission is too large, or insignificant to Wider Impact Consultancy. Initial advice and support is normally FREE, and I welcome opportunities to discuss how we can help you develop ‘ideas into actions’.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I can be contacted by clicking here. I take pride in aiming to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

With Kindest Regards

Edwin Lewis, Director, Wider Impact Consultancy

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis