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White backgroundWider Impact is delighted to be praised for the quality of our independent evaluation of a Big Lottery funded Project delivered by Lancashire based Ynot Aspire.

Terms of reference have been to:

  1. Establish if the aims and objectives agreed with the principal funder, the Big Lottery Fund have been achieved.
  2. Report on the progress the organisation has made as a result of Big Lottery Reaching Communities funding.
  3. Based on research findings make recommendations that will support the future positive development of the organisation.


There can be no doubt that aims and objectives agreed with the principal funders have been achieved and in a number of cases surpassed.

Such is based on strong evidence such as numerical ‘outcomes’ and most significantly testimonies from key stakeholders such as past and current service users, Project staff, Board members and senior representatives of local multi-agency partnerships.

Good Practice

In no particular order, the following ‘good practice’ is noted:

o   The professionalism and dedication of all those involved in the development and delivery of the Project / Ynot Aspire, which includes Board members, staff / volunteers, beneficiaries, partner agency members and the principal funder, the Big Lottery

o   The manner in which the organisation continues to relate to beneficiaries, which included compassion, trust, ‘tough love’, honesty, reliability and patience

o   Multi-agency partnership / consortia working, with the organisation regularly taking on a lead role

o   The innovation and adaptability of the organisation to meet [significant] challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic

o   Multi-agency strategic planning, with an ever watchful eye on funding the organisation continues to seek ways to deliver what is needed for its local community


Acknowledging that such is not an exact science and a number of assumptions are often made, there is compelling evidence of SROI. As is highlighted:

o   Linked to issues such as lifetime costs of education and the criminal justice system, direct support provide to 371 local vulnerable young, supports a conservative SROI estimate of £8.8m

o   Linked to issues linked to homelessness, and direct support to 70 local, potentially homeless young people supports an SROI estimate of £1.4m

o   A total local estimate SROI of some £10.2m

In  Conclusion

There can be no doubts that this Project, principally funded by the Big Lottery has been a huge success. Indicators are that SROI are impressive and it would be hard to argue against the evidence that many young people’s lives have been saved and changed for the positive as a direct result of this Project – supported by an impressive host of dedicated local stakeholders.

Ynot Aspire has become a ‘mature’ and well-respected organisation in the area and with the support of Big Lottery Reaching Communities funding is well governed and well led by an innovative and professional management team – supported by dedicated staff, volunteers, partner agency members and of course local young people.

Enhanced by the terrible COVID-19 pandemic, the work of Ynot Aspire is certainly not done and it would be difficult to find another local organisation better placed to take on current and future challenges.

It is always a joy to submit such a positive report and thanks are given to everyone who has played a role in its delivery. Particular thanks are extended to those young people, who have actively participated by completing questionnaires and agreeing to be ‘case studies’.  Their honesty and bravery in ‘opening up their lives’ should be applauded! Edwin Lewis, Lead Consultant Wider Impact


‘Working with Edwin is a real joy.  He has such a positive personality and attitude to his work and in getting the best information together for evaluations.  We’ve worked with Edwin over the last 5 years and his first evaluation of our project helped us to secure a further 5 years of funding.  Over this time he has also helped us to develop effective monitoring tools, done a strategic review of our Board and provided them with some training and development and offered me some invaluable insight and support as Chief Officer of the Charity.  I can’t thank him enough for getting the best out of beneficiaries and partners for our case studies and in pulling together all the information we need for our monitoring and evaluation, providing us with yet another outstanding report.  Thank you Edwin, it’s always a pleasure!‘ Sharon Burch, Chief Officer Ynot Aspire

Click on the report cover below to view the report.

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