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Wider Impact has been commissioned by Stoke on Trent College to carry out research into understanding offender’s education, training and employment needs and opportunities to support the development of initiatives to enhance offenders’ ability to enter the Labour Market.

Wider Impact Director, Edwin Lewis, pictured (far right), was delighted to facilitate a Debate Panel Workshop during the 7th SSCWP Annual Conference. Focussed on promoting the importance of talking about advanced decisions, and dignity in dying, the Panel (pictured) and delegates discussed advanced care planning, what the individual wants, and where the preferred place of death is.

Wider Impact has been commissioned by London & Quadrant Housing Association (L&Q) to carry out an independent evaluation and review of the organisation’s youth delivery. The commission has involved a review of a number of youth projects delivered within London and the South East regions; and will result in a report containing observations and recommendations on how L&Q can improve youth related services and initiatives for the benefit of young people and wider community members.

Wider Impact has been commissioned by North Staffordshire based Business Initiative to support the delivery of the innovative City Test Trading Programme. The programme, aimed at unemployed people who are in receipt of benefits, enables applicants to ‘sign off’ and launch their own business.

Wider Impact has been commissioned to support Coin Street Community Builders to carry out an independent feasibility study into to location of Leamington Spa based Bath Place Community Venture.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis