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Wider Impact commissioned to deliver an independent evaluation of London & Quadrant Housing Association youth work delivery.Wider Impact has been commissioned by London & Quadrant Housing Association (L&Q) to carry out an independent evaluation and review of the organisation’s youth delivery. The commission has involved a review of a number of youth projects delivered within London and the South East regions; and will result in a report containing observations and recommendations on how L&Q can improve youth related services and initiatives for the benefit of young people and wider community members.

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  1. Marcelo says:

    I totlaly agree. The atmosphere on going through Croydon the day after the riots was one of stillness and disbelief. The government believes that prison is and was the answer to the rioters. We all know that there needs to be more resources placed within early intervention programmes, there needs to be more communities coming together to work to tackle problems/issues that arise in our neighbourhoods. I am a great believer that it takes a village to raise children and that its not only the parents responsibility of their children, it is all of our responsibility to find solutions, I totlaly agree with you in that there should be a family, extended families and community policies. But policies only work if there is the right investment and resources to take them through and in order to see if interventions have worked, there needs to be success ratings available.Reply

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis