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Are Schools and College supporting pupils to be ‘work ready’?

Posted by Edwin Categories: Edwin's Blog Published September 26, 2011

Recent research carried out by Wider Impact has indicated that whilst schools and colleges are focusing on academic results, employers are reporting that students are not ‘work ready’ and often lack the ‘soft skills’ they are looking for. What is your experience or views?

I have been fortunate to meet with 2 Walsall based Church based groups this week, and have been impressed with the quality of community based work they are involved in, which is significantly financed by congregations, rather than ‘funny money’ / grants etc.

Commenced in June 2008 and ended March 2011, the Reroot Project was intended to complement the RENEW North Staffordshire Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder purpose of remodelling and revitalising housing in the North Staffordshire Urban Core.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis