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Reroot ProjectCommenced in June 2008 and ended March 2011, the Reroot Project was intended to complement the RENEW North Staffordshire Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder purpose of remodelling and revitalising housing in the North Staffordshire Urban Core.

The Project was intended to address the trend of declining economic activity in the area, by helping companies choose the right premises to facilitate business growth and expansion thus protecting and creating new jobs.

Edwin Lewis of Wider Impact says, “We are satisfied that the Project has been delivered in accordance within set criteria, and has been well-managed by the Project team. We are also satisfied that the Project has on the whole achieved its aims and objectives – to facilitate business growth and expansion, thus protecting and creating sustainable new jobs.”

Headlines include:

  • Total grants awarded £1,247,041
  • To 56 local businesses
  • Average grant size £22,269
  • Net job gain 247.5
  • Average cost of each job created £5,039
  • Based on verification visits carried out by Wider Impact Consultancy to 28 grant recipients, it is estimated that just over 90% of Reroot grants has been re-invested within the North Staffordshire business economy

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Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis