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I can’t believe how large organisations are treating their customers. The main stream banks don’t want to provide ‘customer’ facing [counter] service, and other large national organisations are looking to deliver ‘on-line’ shopping and install self-service check outs and self service photography services.

This is clearly linked to cost savings. But at what cost? ‘Customer’ facing services are looking like a thing of the past. Whilst this is the ‘modern age’, I suspect they are missing a trick they will regret and reverse in the future.

In the mean-time, here at Wider Impact we see this as a ‘business opportunity‘. We will continue to inter-act face to face with our valued ‘customers’ and provide high quality bespoke services and attention to detail – meeting exactly what our valued customers are telling us they value.

Kindest regards

Edwin :-) 

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis