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Thank you to our colleague Steve Baylis for highlighting the following:

Community Minibus Fund

Dept TransportThe Department for Transport has launched a second round of the Community Minibus Fund which is being administered by the Community Transport Association.

The £25 million fund has already provided funding for 350 minibuses to community transport operators across England and the second round will ensure more organisations will benefit from a new vehicle.

The total value of the second round of the Community Minibus Fund is £2 million and is open to educational organisations and community groups, including community transport operators, across England.

Please note that organisations that received an award from the first round of the Community Minibus Fund will not be eligible for the second round.

The deadline for bids is 17:00 on Friday 2 December 2016.

If you require additional support in completing your application you can contact the CTA at mailto:minibusfund@ctauk.orgMore information at:


I trust this is useful and as ever, please circulate as you feel appropriate.

Kindest regards

Edwin :-)


One Response so far.

  1. Hello, my name is Ashley Bradshaw. I am a teacher at the Priory Primary School,Trentham, Stoke -On- Trent.

    I am writing to request funding for a minibus, on behalf of our school. This is a resource, which would benefit the school greatly and enhance the children’s experiences and opportunities for the following reasons.

    As a school we are very keen to ensure that the children have the opportunity to take part in competitive sport events. To enable this to happen we need to be able to transport the children to these event across the city, this is something which , as a school we struggle with. Meaning we have had to miss out on certain events.

    It would not only benefit the school from a PE perspective, but it would also benefit children during educational visits. These educational visits are important when giving the children life experiences.

    As a Church of England school,we take regular visits to our local church, walking from the school premises to the local church. At this moment we sometimes struggle when transporting children with physical disabilities, a minibus would help these children have the same experiences, not letting their disability impact their experiences.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis