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Wider Impact Consultancy is pleased to submit our independent review of  the BVT Community Services Team.

Aims of the commission have been to provide an account of BVT’s progress towards achieving its vision to: Create and sustain flourishing communities where people choose to live, and establish how progress can be effectively achieved. This gave rise to the following objectives:

  • To establish whether BVT is delivering quality community facing services
  • To consider whether BVT is providing services that offer value for money
  • To assist the organisation to gain and understanding of the background and benefits of adopting use of Social Returns on Investment (SROI) to evaluate performance

Our report has identified compelling evidence that BVT is delivering community facing strategies that are supporting Local Area Agreements and Local Constituency priorities, which are making the Trust’s estates:

  • Good and safe places in which to live
  • Places where people are valued and everyone is able to make a contribution
  • Places where communities come together and demonstrate inclusiveness, diversity and sustainability
  • Places where individuals and communities are motivated to take control of their lives through community involvement and and by demonstrating leadership
  • Places where opportunities exist and are promoted to improve individuals’ Health & Well-Being

Particular note is made of BVT ‘good practice’, which can be viewed at link and includes:

  • Asset transfers / Vision funding – supporting local groups / people to take over and effectively manage and deliver local services
  • Building the capacity and employability of local people
  • Encourage the participation of community volunteers
  • Innovative cost effective community based support for young people
  • Community cohesion / information exchanges
  • Supporting vulnerable residents

Our report. which contains a number of recommendations tendered to assist BVT to further enhance the organisation’s front-line delivery of community services.

Please contact Wider Impact Director, Edwin Lewis at the below link if we can assist your organisation with similar work.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis