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new logo 2012 (with number)Wider Impact is delighted to launch our innovative ‘Product‘, which is aimed at supporting developing and successful Third Sector organisations to achieve their full potential.

Funded (in this case) by the Lloyds Bank Foundation (more info), and currently aimed at Midlands based Loaves ‘n’ Fishes (more info), the Product enables all of the organisations we support to access our talented ‘industry experts’ in [bespoke] Business Planning areas such as:

  • Governance
  • HR
  • Logistics
  • Funding
  • Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Marketing / Social Media
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sustainability

Outcomes include stabilising ‘what works‘, and the capacity and capability to grow with confidence, whilst maintaining organisational ethics; ensuring that practices and policies are legal and fit for purpose.

Please feel free to contact us using the below fields if you think our Product can support your organisation in any way. Initial advice is as ever FREE to Third Sector organisations.




Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis