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Well done to Guy Gibson of Staffordshire University Business Villages¬†for idenifying the location of our last Friday Quiz as Euston Station. Guy you have been ‘Named & Famed’!

Onto this week’s Friday Quiz, ‘Where is this garden centre¬† / visitor / shopping venue situated?; and for a bonus point, ‘Which Duke founded the Estate?’

Answers via this blog please, and a winner who will be drawn out of my hat will have the opportunity to be ‘Named & Famed’ on this site.

Good luck!

Kindest regards

Edwin :-)

5 Responses so far.

  1. Brandon Harford says:

    Duke of Sutherland

  2. Trentham Garden Centre at Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent.

  3. Sorry forgot the Duke’s name – Duke of Sutherland.

  4. Hazel Cooke says:

    Trentham, Stoke on Trent

    Duke of Sutherland

    I’d better win!!!

    happy weekend!

  5. Jessica Clare says:

    I think that it’s Trentham Garden Centre and the Duke of Sutherland founded it.

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