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Congratulations to Duncan Lowndes, Assistant Director, Dudley Councul Leasure and Cultural Services for winning last weeks Friday Quiz. The statue is of course a tribute situated at the Britannia Stadium (Stoke City FC) to Sir Stanley Mathews – the greatest soccer player of all time.

Continuing a sporting theme, do you know where this stadium is? For a bonus point, who were the teams competing?


As ever, answers via this blog, and a winner will be drawn out of my hat.

Good Luck – Edwin :-)



6 Responses so far.

  1. jan burns says:

    Hi Edwin
    Hope you are well – first time I’ve entered the Friday well nearly Friday quiz and not sure if i am answering in the right place but here goes:
    My answer is that it is Sir Stanley Matthews and it is outside Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium.

  2. Kunal Trehan says:

    Hello Edwin,

    Hope you’re well. The stadium is based off Stanley Matthews Way, Trentham Lakes.

    Back to work now.


  3. Andy Haynes says:

    Millenium stadium. So must be Wales playing someone in the 6 nations, so I’ll go for Wales vs France when then won the grand slam?

  4. Jessica Clare says:

    Hiya Edwin
    I’ll have a go at your quiz.
    The answer is:
    Wales vs England 2011 at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff! I think you’ll find that Wales won !!!!!!!!!!

    • Edwin says:

      Hello Jessica

      Well done – you are the winner!!

      And a bonus point for knowing the game was against England – during the previous Wales Grand Slam victories.

      Kindest regards

      Edwin :-)

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis