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It’s Friday Quiz time again. So, how good are you with statues? To be ‘Named and Famed’ let me know where this statue is?

There is a ‘bonus point’ for details of the inscription below – a clue is, ‘A man can’t ***.

As usual, please reply via this Blog, and a winner will be pulled out of my hat.

Good luck!

11 Responses so far.

  1. Adele Cope says:

    A Man Can’t Fly is written on the column four times. The statue is on Leek Road near the station. This is one of my favourite sculptures.

  2. Maria Deaville-Harrop says:

    Opposite the new sixth form college, just down from the Leek road Royal Mail sorting office.

    ‘A man can’t FLY’

  3. John Webbe says:

    Same comment as Adele!
    And below is a link to a photo I took of this statue a few years ago – obviously I got the title wrong for the website back in ’07!!

  4. Suzanne Cartmale says:

    The statue is opposite the Sixth Form College on Leek Road.

  5. Who says a man can’t fly? That statue is an eye sore!

    • John Webbe says:

      An eyesore?? I think it’s a lovely statue & I love the lovely weathered-effect colours underneath on the man’s belly (in my photo link above!)
      The thing that is wrong with the statue is the totally non-descript setting it sits in, it’s totally lost on a large, plain paved area besides a very busy mainroad.

      • Located in a part of Staffordshire where we are meant to be teaching students to reach for the stars, it seems strange that a statue with the slogan “A man can’t fly” should be located outside our towns flagship 6th form college.

        • John Webbe says:

          but that’s a different arguement that your original post “that statue is an eyesore” – and, it could be argued it’s a good point about the message & the location, but it could also be argued it would be better on the college site itself as inspiration to get the students to believe that “yes, we can fly and we’ll prove it to you!”

  6. Jodie Day says:

    Leek Road near Train Station, “A Man Can’t Fly” :-)

  7. Amanda says:

    A52 leek road, opposite the new 6th form college. the man can’t fly. class of ’99 loved the statue.

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