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Well done to Serena Harrison of Macdet (Staffordshire), see web address for correctly identifying last week’s Friday Quiz location as Dudley Castle.

Serena, you have been ‘Named and Famed’!

Onto this week’s Friday Quiz, which is a day early, as we are all out of the office tomorrow (busy is good!). 

What and where is this impressive building located?

As a clue, you may wish to access our News and Reports section – see

As always, a winner, who will be ‘Named and Famed’, will be drawn out of my hat.

Good luck!

Kindest regards

Edwin :-)


3 Responses so far.

  1. Guy Gibson says:

    Thanks for the linke Edwin, blame this lovely sunshine for you forgetting the link on the first e-mail :)

    The building is the Alumwell Innovation Centre.

  2. Guy Gibson says:

    And I am also blaming the sunshine for my typo above – or I could claim “linke” is Norwegian for “link”… :S

  3. Jessica Clare says:

    Is it the Innovation Centre, Walsll.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis