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I could not resist sharing these kind comments, which relate to a motivational presentation delivered to the North Staffordshire WIRE meeting yesterday:

Hi Edwin, 

Just a short note to say a big thank you today for your great presentation and invaluable advice – I’m sure you could have continued, you were on a real roll.

From the beginning of your presentation, you brought an immediate positive energy which was both engaging and entertaining whilst providing honest, informative aspects and valuable lessons learnt on your journey with Wider Impact.

The points you raised regarding your ethos for Wider Impact and after hearing comments from our members clearly showed you delivered the ‘impact’ intended particularly on Marketing and promoting oneself, this being an area which many find challenging including myself.  Your advice and wise words on the power of positive networking, choosing associates along with the inspiring quotes will no doubt resonate with our members and help stoke their enthusiasm for their journey’s in business too.

 Thanks again Edwin…

Kind regards



Hi Edwin, 

I would just like to say thank you for your illuminating talk last Monday. You were both inspiring and amusing. I feel really happy for you for what you have achieved in life. Well done for keeping hold of so much happiness!


All the very best to you,



Snowflakes Wedding Design & Planning.


Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis