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 We are pleased to report on the progress of the ‘Jamai Enterprise Centre’, which is intended to be situated below the Mosque on Woodwards Road Alumwell, Walsall.

Funded by the Birmingham & Black Country Community Foundation, Wider Impact is supporting the Mosque develop and deliver a much needed community facility.

Our approach has been carefully phased, and has included the formation of a sub-group, comprising of Mosque Committee members, ladies and young people. First steps include agreeing a Consitution, and ensuring close consultation with the wider Alumwell community, faith centres, the Local Authority, schools, colleges and other partners agency members. We are currently in the process of consulting local young people to understand their views and ‘needs’ in relation to what the Enterprise Centre will deliver in the future.

Whilst it is still early days, we are  impressed with the Mosque’s committment to ensure that the Jamia Enterprise Centre is open and available to the Alumwell community and their commitment to community intergration.

For further information about how you may support the Jamia Enterprise Centre, please contact Wider Impact Director Edwin Lewis at  

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis