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As part of our commission to support Staffordshire Library ServiceĀ  (see link to engage and ‘listen’ to young people, Wider Impact supported a Norton Canes Library ‘young womens’ event.

Following advice from the Young Advocates, the young women were provided with opportunties to engage and learn from adults in skills such as nail art, make up, jewellery making and card making.

Opportunity was taken to survey the young people, and take note of their views and how the Libary may become more interesting to them.

Wider Impact Director, Edwin Lewis says, ‘This was an extremely useful event, which proved that with the right events on, young people will visit their local library. We were particulary impressed with how well the young people related to and learnt from the older people’.

Please contact Edwin Lewis if you want to learn more about this approach –



Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis