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I have been fortunate to meet with 2 Walsall based Church based groups this week, and have been impressed with the quality of community based work they are involved in, which is significantly financed by congregations, rather than ‘funny money’ / grants etc.

It would be useful share your views …. are such organisations undervalued? Is this a way forward to deliver the ‘Big Society?

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  1. Rachel Taylor says:

    Hi Edwin,

    It’s an interesting idea that we are begining to break into in South Staffordshire. For a long time we have been aware that the religious community (in the case of South Staffs predominantly christian) are not only an untapped resource, but also another ‘section of community’ that we don’t really engage with – although we have often tried. I have recently developed a contact within the Lichfield Diocese, who is responsible for getting the churches more engaged with their communities – a really positive move. One of the things that he has noticed through his work, is that while the church communities are often organising ‘community events’ – the classic church fayre, they tend to stick to their comfort zone and organise them with the church community, hold it at the church, and promote it through the church magazine.

    A project I have been involved with in Huntington is about key partners working together with the community to encourage residents to take pride in their area, and through my contact in the Lichfield Diocese have now got the local church involved. In May we organised a community ‘clean up and fun day’ – encouraging residents to get involved with litter picks, but then to celebrate their village and have fun. This is the first time such an event has been organised, and as such was predominantly agency-led – however we are hoping to work with the church to organise a similar community event for next year.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis