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We are grateful to Midland based SCVO for these tips for event planning:

Well folks here’s your last five top tips to help you with your event planning. I hope you’ve picked up some top tips for when you are planning your community event. Remember if you would like support or advice SCVO is always happy to help. Just give us a call on 0121 525 1127.

• If you are sending an event press release, make sure you send it to your funder(s) or partners at least a week before you want it to go out so they can look over it for you!

• Are you having an official photographer of the event? Make sure they are briefed in advance if so, and ensure also that guests are aware that photos will be taken – some guests, including those with children – may not be happy for photos to be used. Depending on the size and scale of your event, you may wish to consider producing photograph consent forms.

• Make sure your volunteers/team/partners understand what is happening on the day. This includes knowing both their roles and the responsibilities of others in the group/team. Everyone on the group/team should know the key facts about the event i.e. what it’s about, why it is happening, as anyone from your organisation could be asked a question by a guest, a VIP or even a journalist.

• Evaluate! Project events can be a perfect chance to get feedback from your stakeholders and the public about your project, and the event itself. You can then use this in your evaluation report for Funders, and to learn from for any future events – so why not give out evaluation forms?

• Spread the word! Social media means that you can reach a wide audience of your followers and the public to show them the highlights of your event.

I trust this is useful and as ever please feel free to circulate as you feel appropriate.

Kindest regards

Edwin :-)

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis