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Further to our recent blog, ‘What is a feasibility study?‘ – see link it is apparent that a key ‘wider impact’ of the majority of our studies is a realisation that on the whole, stakeholders can improve how they communicate with each other, and how they communicate with the beneficiaries of their work – local community members.

Rather than suggest conscious ‘silo working’, it is apparent that on the whole we can all improve how we simply communicate with each other – whether in our work place, or externally with outside agencies / partners / stakeholders. 

It is often the case that we are simply too busy doing what we are doing to ‘look up’ and consider sharing our work, views and opinions with those who we may be serving, or could assist us to do better.

This seems a strange state of affairs, when we have so much IT and social media at our finger tips. The challenge with social media of course is that we generally choose who we ‘link’ with, and are unaware, unable to access, or have not put sufficient time aside to link with those who can really enable effective communication.

It is often the case that an external body / consultant will assist in identifying the ‘hidden obvious’, and provide all stakeholders with the drive to do something about it, and ensure that we are all communicating with those we should be.

Wider Impacts will of course include:

  • Improved collaborative partnership working
  • Time saved
  • Improved use of valuable resources
  • Money saved
  • Quality assured
  • Measurable value for money – things often can often only get better!
  • Informed and updated community members
  • Ouputs acheived
  • Meeting / linking with interesting new people
  • Time – to enjoy what you do

This is just one example of what a good feasibility can achieve. For more information see the appropriate web page on our website – , or contact me direct at

Please feel free to add your views to this blog, or circulate it as you feel appropriate.

Kindest regards

Edwin :-)




Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis