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Harry Kelly, Groundwork Wigan & Chorley, People Programme Manager, thanks Wider Impact Consultancy for delivery of an interim report into a Youth Works programme on the Higher Folds estate, Leigh, Wigan.

‘We are delighted with the report, which has been funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. The work is of high quality, high professional standard, delivered on time and within budget.

They have gained the respect of a host of agencies for their ability to get to the bottom of important issues and deliver recommendations, clearly based on years of experience in the fields of regeneration and community well-being.

We would not hesitate to recommend Wider Impact Consultancy to other organisations and multi-agency partnerships’

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One Response so far.

  1. Auth says:

    Having wkroed in Race Equality back in the 1980s for LB Lambeth, we knew how important the extended family was, particlularly among the African/ Caribbean Communities in England, but over the years we have seen this breakdown, pitiously so.We have a situation where some reckless young people choose to have children at a very young age and then ‘dump’ them on their older parents; then older parents, worn out from years of working are unable to cope, but help out any ways. I have seen discipline and control snatched from the hands of these families over the years and from Teachers and they have given up. So what do we have? Lots of ill disciplined, badly educated young people with or without children, with no respect for authority, running loose, who are consumed with materialism and the desire to be famous singers or footballers, (even worse preening themeselves to become future wives or girlfriends), without working hard! They cannot be blamed for all the advertisments thrown at them from the TV, Radio, PCs etc etc, which augments their desire to WANT MORE. We need to take stock and ask questions about how we are going to heal communiites after these riots. Punishing people the way we are sentencing them at the moment is NOT THE RIGHT WAY!!I wud advocate that we give more power to Teachers in schools and parents shud not be allowed to verbally or physically abuse them. More powers to the police and parents to chastise their children.I wud also bring back National Service for 2 yrs and offer the option of 1yr Community servicr and 1yr National Service.We shud also have Summer camps for young people wehere they can learn and do good things for the community in which they are placed. These are not fascistic or communist ideas, but sensible ideas to teach young people how to repect each other; their elders, authority and the commnities in which they live. I do not see anyother way of achieveing this and winning back the moral high ground. The children of today are lost, and we are partly guilty for that, we SOCIETY are partly gulity!

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis