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Groundwork LogoWider Impact has been delighted to be invited by the Groundwork Lancashire West & Wigan Trust to independently evaluate its performance in relation to the delivery of the Future Jobs Fund projects commissioned by:

  • AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Grants Unit)
  • Groundwork UK and NHF National Programme (supported by DWP)
  • North West Development Agency (Greater Manchester City Strategy)

Edwin Lewis of Wider Impact says, “We are delighted to present an extremely positive report, and have no doubts that the Trust is meeting the requirements of its contractors and delivering client centred support to clients. We have noted that the Trust has established an impressive list of Host Employers, and in close partnership with other agencies, has enabled 330 previously long-term unemployed people into meaningful jobs that will enhance and improve their future employment prospects.”

Groundwork Trust Programme Director Colin Greenhalgh says, “Wider Impact have completed three programme evaluations for us over the past five years, and each time Edwin provides an energetic down to earth approach and is able to relate to clients and partners alike, teasing out their thoughts and providing an honest assessment of the service we have provided that brings out and prioritises both positives from our delivery and areas for development. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wider Impact to others looking to commission similar work.”

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Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis