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Confidence WorkshopBuilding on over 25 years of experience of supporting and evaluating UK based initiatives and projects aimed at supporting those most in need of support and guidance,Wider Impact Consultancy Workshops utilise tools such as a ‘case study’ video and peer-led group work to people whose confidence is at a low-ebb. Issues raised included tackling issues such as long-term unemployment, illness, a lack of appropriate qualifications and / or work-experience, and concern about attending meetings and job interviews.

As a delegate points out, ‘This has been an extremely useful workshop, as it will help me re-build my confidence and prove that I am not on my own. I have enjoyed the Workshop as it has been ‘fun’ and informative. Confidence is so important to us all, and as the Workshop clearly points out – If you believe in yourself, you can achieve unbelievable things!’

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis