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Stoke on Trent City CouncilOur work will support the City Council inform policy decisions in the future and is seeking to identify current need and examine the future aspirations and expectations of this group.

Research tools are including user and partner agency workshops, one to one meetings, case studies and our innovative ‘on-line’ questionnaires.

Councillor John Daniels, cabinet member for housing, environment and neighbourhood services, said: “We want disabled people to come forward and explain their housing needs. It’s important we gain a greater understanding of their requirements so we can tailor our services to offer greater support. Previous research has focused on the supply and demand of accommodation for older people and people with learning disabilities. This new research will help fill a gap in our knowledge.

National surveys indicate that there is a huge shortfall in the supply of accessible housing and we want to explore how this impacts on people in the City. The work will help the council meet requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 which places a duty on councils to deliver an equal housing experience for disabled people’.

A total of 500 ‘hard copies’ of the Wider Impact questionnaire have been produced, and it is available to complete online at

It is asking disabled people how accessible their home is, and whether it would be better suited with adaptations such as a lower level shower or bigger kitchen. It will also ask disabled people to rate their homes in such areas as safety, parking, affordable maintenance and access to a private garden. The survey will explain other council services, and ask residents to rate housing, care and support services.

A copy of the Stoke on Trent City Council press release can be found at:

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis