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I was quite amazed┬áthis morning to hear the local radio station (Radio Stoke) reporting ‘Police successes in moving young people on following local reports of ASB’.

This is of course on the back of neighbourhood youth services being closed across down the United Kingdom, and there being no-where meaningful for young people to meet and socialise.

What next – Internment Orders?

Have a look at our Groundwork Bridgend & Neath Port Talbot Youth Provision report, which clearly highlights the cost / benefits of ‘investing’ in our young people – see link

As ever, your views and opinions are welcomed and valued.


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  1. This is an interesting topic, where you will hear many different perspectives depending on who you speak to. For example an Asian family being racially targeted by youths outside their home will benefit from this order as the problem is removed. Residents who are being subjected to weekly to drunk and disorderly behaviour will welcome a dispersal order. Speak to the young people and you will hear that the problem hasn’t gone away. The root of the problem hasn’t been tackled, youth services are poor and in decline, they might be struggling in school, there might be family issues that haven’t been identified etc. Organisations need to work closely together to identify issues as we all have a role to play to finding solutions.

Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis