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In response to a question via Twitter by Stephen Russell of Midland Heart (@steve_MidHeart) asking if there is anything around to show that outcomes are because of a project? it is our view that whilst good reseach can identify a wide variety of outputs, it can often be harder to attribute oucomes to just one project.

In a community setting is often the case that a wide variety of agencies / stakeholders are operating in an area / sub region; many of which will be local groups that have been in exisistance for numerous years. 

Whilst it is far more straight forward to measure outputs – for example how many clients have received direct support, it can be problematic to undertand the outcomes of a particular project or initiative. Some will be straight forward, others, such as proving how far a community or individuals may have travelled in a particular field will be more complex. 

Headlines - it can be too tempting to ‘grab the headlines’, claiming for example that a specific project has been responsible for reducing youth crime in an area. As highlighted above, it is all too often the case that a project will be one of a number of interventions, or initiatives in an area that are generally focussing on the same client group.

Look carefully at our report on youth provision in Bridgend, South Wales - see link .  The Welsh First Minister highlightes the fact that a wide number of agencies have worked together to achieve such impresssive outcomes.

Good research founded on a well thought out brief will play a significant role in understanding, and fully attributing project outcomes.  For example, an experienced evaluator will understand the importance of ‘strategic alliences’, where key stakeholders are working together in partnership to acheive individual aims and objectives.

In times of austerity it is essential that all stakeholders recognise the importance of joining forces, and working together for the benefit of the wider community.

Where feasible, we recommend that as many stakeholders as feasible are involved in project evaluation, with a carefully worded statement of understanding to provide access to data bases and knowledge sources.

Learn more – please feel free to access the news pages on this website ( for examples of our work, which includes independent UK wide evaluations, or contact me direct at .

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Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis