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Commissioned by Alumwell Based Church at Junction 10, and funded by the Big Lottery funded Fair Share Trust Walsall Panel, Wider Impact Consultancy has delivered two reports aimed at supporting the on-going regeneration of the Alumwell estate.

The first report takes the form of a ‘Needs Analysis’, and has involved extensive desk research, meetings / consultation with key partner agencies  and intensive community based consultation.

Click here to read the Needs Analysis report

The second report, which should be read as an Adenndum to the first report, focusses on the educational needs and aspirations of the Alumwell community, and the viability of the concept of an Education Campus on the Alumwell estate.

Click here to read the Adenndum report

Wider Impact Director and author of both reports, Edwin Lewis says, ‘This has been an intense and complex piece of work, which has noted a lack of effective community based partnership working on the estate. 

Our research has noted the role the Fair Share Trust has played on the estate over a significant number of years. We have also noted that much more needs to be done that must involve local organisations such as the Church at Junction 10, and most significantly, local people who are extremley keen to support their local community.

We have submitted a number of recommedations that will act as a blue print for the future, and play a role in enabling a sustainable legacy for the excellent work of the Fair Share Trust on the Alumwell estate.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the work, and look forward to witnessing to on-going regeneration of the Alumwell estate.’

Joy Massey of the Church at Junction 10 Leadership Team says, ‘We are extremely grateful to Wider Impact and Edwin Lewis in particular for the delivery of  two high quality and timely reports. We have no doubts that the reports will help shape future regeneration on the Alumwell estate, which will involve local organisations such as ours.  We are now looking to share the reports with partner organisations, and work together for the benefit of the wider Alumwell community.

We would also like to take opportunity to thank the Fair Share Trust for funding this work, and for the support they have given to the Alumwell area over a number of years. We are determined to create a positive legacy that is built on the excellent work of the Fair Share Trust Panel’.

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Wider Impact Consultancy, Edwin Lewis